Some Testimonials
McCall M, from Redondo Beach, CA. August 26, 2011
Great staff. Painless treatment. Friendly. Great office.

Leah J, from Redondo Beach.  July 6, 2011

This office is awesome! The staff is wonderful an treats me like family. Tina is great and makes you wait to come back soon, Priscilla is effective and efficient and always has a smile, and it is always great to see Brenda! Dr. Romano is the total best dentist ever and the professional care is top of the line in dental care!
Thank you Dr. Romano and also you, girls! 

Bonnie S, from Hawthorne, Jun 30, 2011

Dr. Romano is great! The staff is always very nice, although sometimes is tough to get through on the phone. The office is fine, I have no complaints!!!

Shanehi S, from Torrance, March 18, 2011

Really nice office! Overall I have no complaints! The place is clean, the wallpapers in the rooms are a good distraction and the magazines are great. Everybody is extremely nice and helpful, they so are attentive. Tina is great about remainders and explaining costs, and Brenda and Liz are really great assessing the needs of the patients and keeping us comfortable. Dr. Romano is great, she explains the treatments, is absolutely not threatening and fast!

Nanci M., from Redondo Beach, February 23, 2011

Galleria Dental Care’s office is always clean and well maintained. The staff is courteous and kind, personally I like all of them. I know Dr. Romano and Dr. Hannani, and I love them both!
The professional care is GREAT! I am more than happy with the care I get from them.

Leopold A., from San Diego, Jan 25, 2011

Excellent care!!! For 12 years my family & I have been patients of Dr. Romano at Galleria Dental Care. Her chair-side manner and communication skills are great, she makes one understand what is needed and why in clear words, not dental terms only. Through the years I have had root canals, crowns and numerous fillings and she consistently makes me feel at ease, I will never go to another dentist! Thank you Dr. Romano, you are the best!

Gabrielle W, from San Diego, January 18, 2011

I just love my new smile! I had zoom tooth whitening, what a pleasant experience! Brenda is a great assistant, all the staff is caring and the procedure lasted one hour and a half, totally painless! What a change on my self confidence! I just can’t stop smiling! Thank you!

Virginia G., from Carson, January 17, 2011

The professional care is excellent, the doctors are friendly and helpful, the staff is very nice and the office is nice and clean. I like them very much!